Photo Release Policy

The Photo Release Policy specified below applies to the associated SPRINT Robotics event being registered for.

I hereby irrevocably consent without royalty or other compensation of any kind, to the use, for any lawful purpose, including but not limited to advertising and trade purposes, by the SPRINT Robotics Collaborative, its subsidiaries, affiliated companies and successors-in-interest (hereinafter referred to as “SPRINT Robotics”) of my name, voice and any portraits, likeness, pictures, images, video, film and photographs of me (hereinafter “Images”) taken by or on behalf of SPRINT Robotics and reproductions of the same in any form, in any medium, including on the World Wide Web, hereby releasing SPRINT Robotics from all liability arising from use of Images including what I might deem misrepresentation of me by virtue of distortion, optical illusions or faulty mechanical reproductions. I agree that all such Images whether plates, transparencies, negatives, film, video, audio, electronic, digital, and/or any medium now or hereafter utilized connected therewith are and shall remain the property of SPRINT Robotics. All copyrights in Images shall belong to SPRINT Robotics and if requested, I will execute any additional agreements to evidence these rights. I further agree to the use of statements made by me about SPRINT Robotics and its various activities for advertising and trade purposes. I acknowledge that this release constitutes the entire understanding with the above parties, all prior understandings, if any, being merged herein.